Spelling for week of Aug. 25

6th Grade
Spelling and Vocabulary for Week of August 25

achieve: to bring to a successful end or accomplish; to get or gain by effort
“You can achieve an A in this class if you do your homework and study.”

appropriate: suitable or right for a particular purpose; doing the right thing at the right time
“A hammer is the appropriate tool for driving a nail.”

clarify: to make an idea or statement clear; without confusion
“Please clarify what you mean when you say you’re goo-goo.”

conflict: a disagreement, fight, quarrel, struggle, battle
“In Harry Potter, one of the conflicts is between doing what is right, or doing what is easy.”

consistent: holding together; not disagreeing with itself; compatible
“The teacher was consistent and always rewarded good work.”

excerpt: a quotation from a story; a small piece taken out of a larger story
“Please read this 2 paragraph excerpt from the story and answer the question.”

figurative: involving a figure of speech or idiom such as a metaphor; not literal
“Having a ‘heart attack’ is figurative language for heart disease.”

hinder: to prevent something from happening
“Please do not hinder the children from going to the cafeteria.”

phrase: a part of a sentence
“The words ‘because I am tired’ is a phrase, and not a complete sentence.

stanza: a group of lines (sentences) in a poem, often to create a rhythm or meter. Similar to a paragraph
“The poem had 4 lines in every stanza.”

subheading: a small title in the middle of a story to tell you what the section will be about
“I like books with subheadings because it helps me know what the author will say.”

summary: a brief description of the facts or actions of a story
“His summary of the book made me want to read it.”

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