Spelling & Vocabulary List 4

6th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary
Week 4 for Sept. 8-12

according: to cause to agree; to bring into agreement; in agreement with…
“According to the teacher, the we get to go to recess early today.”

persuade: to convince, or make someone believe something
“Did you persuade your father to let you go to Great America?”

device: a thing made for a particular purpose; a word pattern or figure of speech
“Alliteration is a literary device to get the reader’s attention.”

narrator: the person telling the story
“There was a narrator on stage telling the audience what the actors were thinking.”

statement: something said, usually as an assertion
“I agreement with everything you said, except your last statement.”

generalization: to generalize, or ‘be generic’; not specific; to infer from only a few facts
“It’s a generalization that all mice like to eat cheese.”

compare: to examine two or more things for similarities
“If you compare your car with mine, you will see that yours is better.”

contrast: to examine two or more things for differences
“How did camp food contrast with mother’s cooking?”

essay: a short writing on one subject or theme
“The student wrote an essay about her dog.”

transition: changing from one form or style to another
“I liked your essay about your dog, but you need a transition between the paragraph about his friendliness and the tricks he can do.”

algorithm: a particular way of solving a problem
“To divide numbers, you need to use the algorithm of putting the divisor outside  of the ‘casita.'”

decisive: to decide easily without hesitation; definite; commanding
“A good military man needs to be decisive.”
“My team has a decisive lead in the league standings.”

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