Spelling & Vocabulary List 5

6th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary
Week 5

a lot: a casual, slang term for many (notice it is 2 words!)
“I have a lot of stuff in my backpack.”

your: belonging to you
“Your dog is running around the neighborhood digging up flowers.”

you’re: a contraction of the words you & are
“You’re a great soccer player.” (You are a great soccer player.)

foreword: the introduction in the beginning of a book
“In the foreword, the author thanks all of her family members for helping her write the story.” (It has ‘word’ in it, and there are words in books – get it?)

forward: toward the front
“We wanted to move forward, but the storm had washed away the bridge.”

integrity: holding on to moral principles or character; being honest
“He is a person of integrity, and could not cheat on the test.”

nepotism: showing favoritism toward someone because they are a family member
“He got his job by nepotism, and not because he was qualified.”
“I would never work at her company. With all of the nepotism, you will never get promoted and earn a raise.”

timid: not having courage, bravery, or self-assurance; shy
“The new boy was too timid to ask the teacher for help with his math problems.”

exhausted: extremely tired or weary
“After hiking 15 miles, we were so exhausted all we wanted to do was sleep.”

ignore: to intentionally not notice something or someone
“I’m going to ignore the ringing phone so I can eat my dinner.”

although: another way of saying “even though”
Although we spent an hour making the soup, it tasted like dishwater.”

articulate: to be able to put into words
“He couldn’t articulate what he was feeling, so he just hit his brother instead of talking to him.”

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