Spelling & Vocabulary for Oct 27

were: past tense of “to be”
“Were you there when the teacher gave everyone candy?”

we’re: contraction of the words “we are”
“We’re going to go to the park this afternoon.”

where: in or at what place?
“Where did you go last night?”
“Where were you when we went to the movie? We’re going again on Saturday.”

frenzied: wildly excited or enthusiastic
“The mob was frenzied and in danger of becoming violent.”
“The crowd was in a frenzy when the team scored the winning goal.”

mascot: an animal, person, or thing to symbolize a group of people
“The jaguar is the mascot of Adelante school.”

coaxed: to try to influence by gentle persuasion
“We coaxed the dog to bring us the car keys.”

console: to lessen the grief, sorrow, or disappointment of someone
“We went to console her after her dog died.”

Einstein: Albert Einstein was a scientist in the early 20th century, and one of the most intelligent persons who ever lived.
“She’s a real Einstein; she always gets A’s on her report card.”

science: a body of knowledge dealing with facts of how the world works
“The topic of science is huge, ranging from study of the earth, planets, stars, animals, plants, chemistry, metals, and atoms.”

scientist: a person who works in the field of science
“We are hoping that a scientist will discover a cure for cancer.”

drone: to make a dull, low, monotonous, boring sound
“I almost fell asleep as the speaker droned on at the lecture.”

exhaust: to drain of strength or energy; to be greatly tired
“After hiking all day, we were exhausted.”

instinctive: doing something naturally without learning
“It’s instinctive that many kinds of birds weave intricate nests.”

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