Spelling list 9

6th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary
List 9

acquaint: to bring into social contact; to become somewhat familiar with
“Let me acquaint you with my rich cousin Emma.”

adamant: completely unwilling to change attitude or opinion
“The salesman was adamant that he would take nothing less than $10,000 for the car.”

diminutive: small, little, tiny; a small thing or person
“The diminutive frog looked harmless, but it contained a deadly poison.”

heathen: someone who does not share my religious beliefs
“The heathen tribesmen played drums and danced around the idol all night.”

humorous: being funny or comical
“The situation was humorous because everyone kept falling down.”

immediately: without delay; instantly; at once
“I expect you to come home immediately after the movie and not go anywhere else.”

knowledge: knowing facts or truths
“Someone once said that ‘knowledge is power.’ ”

acknowledge: to admit to being real or true
“She finally had to acknowledge that I knew what I was talking about.”

meander: to go by a winding or indirect course
“The river meandered through the valley.”

variegated: varied in appearance or color; marked with patches or spots of different colors
“I really like plants with variegated leaves for indoor plants.”

Easily Confused Words
accept: to take or receive
“Please accept this invitation to my party.”

except: excluding; but
“We were all in agreement to go to the movie, except for Jose who wanted to go bowling.”

Shades of Meaning
anxious: having mental disress due to fear; (anxiety)
“The students were anxious because they had not studied for the test.”

eager: showing great interest, desire, or feeling
“We were eager to get started on our vacation to Mexico.”

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