Bored Already? Here’s the Next Vocab List!

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What, you’re bored already with your break? You’ve already finished your mini book report, and are reading 2 hours a day or more? Well then, here’s something to keep you amused and give you a head start on the rest of the class! We’ll be having a test on these words the Friday we get back, January 9.

6th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary
List 10

authentic: genuine, real
“Is that an authentic Willie Mays rookie card, or fake?”

blemish: a small defect, mark, or imperfection
“I bought this TV at 30% off because it has a blemish on the side of the case.”

chauffeur: a person hired to drive a car, bus, or limo
“The rich man has a chauffeur drive him to work everyday.”

compatible: able to live, exist, or work together in harmony
“That group is quite compatible and works quickly to finish their projects.”

deceive: to mislead by a false appearance
“Do not be deceived by the cute fuzzy look; that baby bear is dangerous.”

precise: definitely defined or stated
“She gave us precise directions, and we arrived at the party on time with no problems.”

hierarchy: any system of people or things ranked one above another
“In the army, the officer hierarchy is General, Colonel, Major, Captain, and Lieutenant.”
“In Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of human needs, he says that people first need food & water, then safety, then love and belonging, next respect, and finally creativity.”

atone: to make amends (make up) for an offense or crime
“He had to do my chores for a month to atone for stealing my candy.”

intimated: to make known indirectly by a hint, implication, or suggestion
“She intimated that she knew the principal personally, but I had never seen them together.”

melancholy: a gloomy state of mind; depression
“I don’t want to see him today. He’s always so melancholy that I end up feeling depressed.”

resolution: to decide to do something; a determination
“We made a resolution not to eat chocolate until after or skin cleared up.”

aggrieved: wronged, offended, or injured
“I was the aggrieved person because she took my coat without asking me.”

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