Vocabulary List 1

6th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary
Week 1

accurate: to have no error or defect; true
“Her test paper was extremely accurate and had no mistakes.”

alternating: switching back and forth (example: girl-boy-girl-boy-girl-boy)
“We have math in the morning on alternating weeks.”

alliteration: a literary technique where multiple words start with the same sound
“Big Billy broke his bicycle while riding to the store.”

cite: to quote or mention in support of an argument
“Please cite your sources when your write your report.”

detail: a very small part of a bigger piece, sometimes very intricate or difficult
“Give me all of the details about Carly breaking up with George.”

diagram: a drawing or picture used to instruct or explain
“Examine the diagram to see how the earth recycles rocks.”

infer: to figure something out by reasoning, and not being directly told; to hint or suggest
“Am I to infer that  your homework is not done because you were out late last night?”

metaphor: figurative speech comparing two dissimilar things which does not use “like” or “as.”
“The cat was a bolt of lightning.” “Your hurtful words just added fuel to the fire.”

source: anything or place from which something comes or is obtained; origin
“I went to the original source of the story, and found that Juan’s dog really did eat his homework!”

suggests: to bring to mind; to offer for consideration
“Your growling stomach suggests we should stop for lunch.”

summary: a brief description of the facts or actions of a story
“Please give me a summary of your summer activities.”

unsupported: no proof or example
“It was an interesting story, but the statement that space aliens abducted him was completely unsupported.”

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