Yosemite Trip Information

Yosemite Trip Final Information

Date: We leave Monday May 31, and return Friday June 4

Time: Arrive at school by 8:00AM to load the bus. We will leave by about 8:20. The bus will not wait for late people.

Return: We will return about 8:00PM on Friday. If we are not able to drive to Sentinel Dome, we will leave early and return about 6:00PM. See the itinerary sheet for detailed information.

What to Bring: Check to be sure you have everything on the equipment list provided by the Yosemite Institute. Don’t forget pajamas, pillow, sleeping bag.

Optional items: Phone card, camera, binoculars, book light, umbrella (around camp), insect repellant, sunscreen lotion.

Forbidden Items: Extra food, candy, gum. No electronics, such as cell phones, games, and iPods. No knives or weapons. No valuable items you would miss if it were lost, damaged, or stolen.

Phones: Students are not allowed to have cell phones. Cell phone coverage is irregular in the valley, and often non-existent at Crane Flat and on the trails. If you want to hear from your child, provide him/her with a phone card. He/she will be able to use public phones in Curry Village on Wednesday or Thursday, but opportunities will be limited.

The Yosemite Institute may be reached at 209-379-9511 during business hours.

Maestro Chris’ cell phone number is provided on the handout and itinerary sheet. Other chaperone cell phone numbers are provided on the itinerary sheet. Use these numbers only if you need to reach us in an emergency.

We will phone the school office every day with a report, so call the school if you need an update.

Behavior: All students have signed a student contract. As a reminder, students are expected to fully participate in the program, attending all hikes, meetings, activities, events, and work time.

Other expectations:

  • Respect the environment.
  • Treat other students, adults, staff, and park visitors with respect.
  • At Crane Flat, boys are not allowed in the girls dorm or side of the bath house, and girls are not allowed in the boys dorm or side of the bath house.
  • At Curry Village, students may only enter into their own cabin. Students may absolutely not enter into another cabin, even with an invitation.
  • At Curry Village, students must always travel in groups of two or more. Nobody ever travels alone.
  • Observe all quiet hours


  • Stay with your group
  • Behave in a safe and responsible manner
  • Instantly obey directions from YI staff, teachers, and chaperones
  • Stay on trails at all times
  • Never go anywhere solo

Students who do not follow the behavior or safety instructions, or do not obey the teachers or chaperones will be removed from the trail group and kept behind at camp. For serious offences, a student will be removed from the group, and a parent will be phoned and required to retrieve the student immediately at the park.

Other Info:

  • Provide your child with money to purchase dinner on the way home. Additional money for souvenirs would also be welcome.
  • If your child requires medication, please let us know about it and provide it to the teachers.
  • A picnic lunch is provided for the trip to Yosemite, so there is no need to pack one.
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