Newsletter for Oct. 10

•    This Friday is the last day for students to do a retake on the tests we’ve taken since school started. (Sorry, there will be no extensions for this.) Retake tests in English or math can improve a student’s grade if the student studies, but will never hurt a grade – I will always take the higher of the original or retake test score. Why not take a retake test during lunch recess or after school this week?
•    The classroom will not be open for retake tests on Friday at lunch time. I will be at the teacher’s lunch.
•    Today we had a math quiz on solving 1-step linear equations. We will have another test on Friday solving both 1-step and 2-step linear equations. To put this into math language, your children have been learning how to solve one-step linear equations by identifying the coefficient of the variable and using the multiplicative identity property to solve for the variable. Sounds good, no?
•    There will be a vocabulary test on Friday covering words on vocabulary list 1. These are words that are commonly used in test questions.
•    Money for the Yosemite trip is due now. If you still owe your first payment, or second payment if you are on the six-payment plan, please turn it in by Wednesday. We need to send our reservation deposit of $7,500 to the Yosemite Institute by Friday, and are still a little bit short.

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