• Progress reports  will be sent home today. Please be sure to ask your child for them, sign the form, and have your child return it to the substitute teacher tomorrow. Any grades and comments you see are mine. The substitutes will add their grades to mine for the end of the trimester final grade.
  • I usually add some comments to the progress reports, but I just ran out of time and hope you understand. If you have any questions, please contact the substitutes who will look at my  grade book.
  • I will not update this website with homework information while I am out. Please be sure that your child takes responsibility and writes down the homework in their planner every day. (I think planners are still available from the office for $5.) Of course, students may also phone each other if they do not get an assignment.
  • I will, however, probably update this website with my progress information in the next few weeks, so if this interests you, come back here to read.

– Maestro Chris

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