It was really good to see everyone again yesterday! I got to talk with a few of you, and it was good to hear that you are doing well and excited about going to Yosemite. First thing’s first though: get lots of sleep, eat a good breakfast every day, and rock on those state tests next week!


Hello students,

In a little more than a week you will be going to Yosemite! I hope you have all of your gear and are ready for a really fun and exciting time. To help prepare you, your substitutes have been showing you pictures and reading you stories about how to stay safe and showing you what you will be doing.

Since I am still going through treatment, and it will continue through the end of June, I won’t be back to teach you this year. However, I will be there on Friday for a few  minutes to show you a Yosemite safety presentation. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again!

Maestro Chris

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