Update from the Yosemite Field Trip

Friday Morning

From Maestra Lisa: So the kids on the hike: Bryan S, Brenda, Raquel, Jessica, Luz, Brice, Eliazar, Thomas A. They all did really awesome! Worked together as a team and conquered the mountain. Ricky was so happy with his accomplishment of cave crawling.

Thursday Evening

No update from Yosemite today.

Wednesday Evening

From Maestra Lisa: My trail group was near El Capitan and saw two black bears! Amazing!!!

Another group did the challenge hike and did awesome!! Haylie, Leo, & Alan were a few of the kids in the trail group. Gotta go:)

Wednesday Morning

Yesterday a group did the challenge hike and came back all smiles – Ariana C, Chrisbeth, Dylan A, Jacob, Connor, Dylan F, Ricky, & Fernando G were some of the students. Kimi & Gaby M.R. were the first to the top!

My group ate lunch on Pride Rock right under Washington Column – beautiful! We did rock scrambling which took a lot of strength We also did a cave crawl, with the emphasis on crawling!!! Didn’t think I was going to fit through some of the spaces! Another group walked across the Merced River in the slow shallow valley! They couldn’t believe how COLD it was’! :)

Last night was a very quiet night throughout the camp – everyone was tired! Everyone is behaving wonderfully. I will try to to email again this afternoon. It is beautiful weather! We are so lucky. Take care.


No news from Yosemite today, but they did have good weather in the low 70’s.


I received an email from Maestra Lisa a while ago that they made it in fine condition to Yosemite. It’s a beautiful day there. If she sends more information, I’ll add it here.

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