Homework for May 6 – 10

It’s STAR testing week. Be sure to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night, eat a good breakfast before coming to school, and arrive on time.

Friday evening

  • Math: pg 637 ff: 1-25 odd; 26-42 even
  • May book: Any book at or above  your reading level that you have not read before. Any fiction genre, or non-fiction.
  • Oral reports begin MONDAY. If  you lost your forms, get one from the Download page. Be sure to practice before your parents and get a signature.

Wednesday evening

  • Math: Page CA-25: all problems; CA 26-27: odd problems; CA 28-29: all problems; CA 30-39: odd problems
  • Tomorrow is the last regular day of STAR testing. Yea!
  • Be working on your oral report

Tuesday evening

ALERT: We WILL be having math STAR testing on Wednesday. Maestra Anna will be here, so there’s no substitute.

Math: Correct your mistakes from last night’s homework. I will check it tomorrow.

Math: New assignment: pages CA 13 – CA 24: odd numbered problems

English: Start working on your oral report. If you lost our handout and rubric, you may download the file from my Download page.

Read your May book: Any book you have not read before, at or above your reading level.

Monday evening

  • Math pgs CA4 – CA 12; odd problems
  • Read 1/2 hour or more
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