Homework for Oct. 28 – Nov 1

Friday evening

  • Grizzlies: pages 7-9 of the packet, all problems. Don’t forget to do a 5 sentence paragraph for question D2.
  • Bulls: pages 8-9 only.

Thursday evening

  • Bulls: finish anything you didn’t finish in class. All of page 7 of the handout.
  • Grizzlies: you get double tomorrow. (evil laugh)

Wednesday evening

  • Finish any of last night’s homework that you didn’t do. If you made mistakes, redo the assignment.
  • New Problem: On a piece of graph paper, shade in 3 different designs of a bumper car rink. You must have 20 pieces of rail (a perimeter of 20) for all 3 designs.

Tuesday evening

1. Design 3 bumper car floor plans that have 36 square meters of floor surface and 26 meters of side rail.
2. 49er Carnivals wants you to design 2 bumper car floor plans with 36 square meters of floor surface and LOTS of side rails to crash into.
3. Using the sketch from class, find:
a. What is the area?
b. What is the perimeter?
c. Which measure, area or perimeter, do you think best describes the size of the bumper car floor plan, and why?

Monday evening

  • 1 question. How many acres are in an American football field? Report tomorrow. Be able to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it.
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