Newsletter for Oct 3

  • Our school year is well underway, and we are progressing well in our studies. We will be sending home with your student the mid-trimester progress reports in the next week or so. As always, if you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please contact us by email or coming by to see us.
  • We are finishing chapter 2 in our math book and will have a test on it on Tuesday. Chapter 3 will concern learning to solve one and two-step linear equations, an important new concept for sixth grade.
  • Students are getting better at grammar as shown by their “caught-ya” scores from our daily grammar exercises. I expect to see this excellent grammar transfer over to book reports and other writing.
  • Our first book report was due today. I am now assigning another report called the sequential essay (a personal narrative). The draft copy will be due this Thursday. We will have a little time to work on it in class before then.
  • The reading book assignment for October is an award winning or classic fiction book with a protagonist that is the opposite gender as the reader. So, if the reader is a boy, the protagonist must be a girl. Be sure your child reads a minimum of 1/2 hour every day in order to meet the state reading requirement of 750,000 words this year!
  • We need to make our $7,500 deposit to the Yosemite Institute for our April trip by October 15. Please turn in your first deposit if you have not made it yet. For families paying in six installments, your second installment for October is now due. Please make all checks payable to Adelante School.
    If your child is not going to Yosemite because of the cost, please contact me or Directora Linda immediately. We will find a way for you to fund raise the money needed!
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