Promotion Ceremony on Wednesday

First, the new Yosemite pictures are now up online! Follow the link on the Pictures tab to see them. You may download for free as many as you want by just clicking on the download button above the photo. If you want a high-res version of a picture, email me with the file name and I’ll send it to you.


Our promotion ceremony is on Wednesday June 6. Be there early! Students start marching in at 5:30 PM. The ceremony should be over by 6:30.

Students should wear appropriate casual clothes: nice, but no suits, but no tee-shirts and jeans either.

Immediately following the ceremony there is a potluck dinner organized by the parents of sixth-grade students. The committee asks that people please bring the following:

  • Family last name begins A-F: main dish
  • Family last name begins G-L: salad or side dish
  • Family last name begins M-Z: appetizer
  • Adelante will provide dessert and drinks.

Please bring your food the evening of the ceremony. Don’t forget to bring serving utensils!

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