Newsletter for September 26

Update: We need more parents to be on the ELAC committee. If you are interested, or just want information, please call Margarita in the office.

Hello! I am Chris Holm, and I teach English Language Arts, Literature, Math, & PE. I am working with Maestra Anna to bring your child a fun, challenging, and rewarding sixth grade. It was good to meet many of you at Back to School Night, and I’m looking forward to working with you this year.

* The school year is well underway, and we are progressing in our studies. We completed chapter 1 in math (ask your child to see the first two tests), and have started chapter 2, learning about using negative numbers. Our next math test will be on Friday.

* In English, we recently learned to make a plot diagram, and have been collecting interesting vocabulary words from reading the Tequila Worm and our grammar exercises. Ask your child to teach you a new word!

* Students are improving their writing skills as shown by the “Caught-Ya” scores from our grammar exercises. I expect to see this excellent work transfer over to book reports and other writing.

* Our first book report will be assigned on Friday Sept. 28. The draft copy is due on Tuesday, and the final version on Friday, written neatly in ink or on the computer.

* The reading book assignment for October is an award winning or classic fiction book with a protagonist that is the opposite gender as the reader. So, if the reader is a boy, the protagonist must be a girl, and vice-versa. Be sure your child reads a minimum of 1/2 hour every day in order to meet the state reading requirement of 750,000 words this year!

* On Monday October 1, I will be out of school for about two weeks to have surgery to finish my treatment for cancer. This will be a good thing for me, and I should be completely healed and be able to continue the rest of the year without any further work interruptions. We are very fortunate to have Ernestine Galvin substitute for me while I am out. I am working closely with her to ensure that the work I would normally do with your children will continue while I am recovering.

* If you have internet access, check my website for homework info and this newsletter (published once a month). I recommend that you sign up for the RSS feed, so you can always be instantly alerted to new homework posts and communications! Click on the button on the front page of the web site and then click on the Subscribe Now button.

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