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This page is for answering any questions you may have. It’s not very good for questions that need an immediate response, such as “what math problems are due for homework tomorrow?”, or “What should I wear for tomorrow’s fieldtrip?”

For just about any other question, I’ll do my best to answer you. Questions such as “why is the sky blue?” or “explain how to complete the square of a quadratic” or other random questions would be perfect for this space.

So, go ahead and write your questions!

I will also be keeping this area “clean” from the little comments so we can focus on the more serious Q&A exchanges. Thanks for your understanding.

24 Responses to Ask Mr. Holm

  1. Oliver says:

    Did we have homework on Friday

  2. rosa says:

    Mr.Holm my mom said if I had to do all the way to #46 and she also said that why did you put #36 two times and if you can reply as soon as you can that would be great thank you.

  3. Oliver says:

    Mr.Holm what’s the homework?

  4. rosa says:

    Mr. Holm what is the homework for today?

  5. Mayra Soto says:

    What is tonights homework?

  6. Mayra says:

    Thank you!

  7. jennifer martinez says:

    Mr.Holm d we have to glue the little squares to the graph paper for tonightes homework

  8. carmel says:

    have much paragraph do we have to do

  9. leslie rodriguez says:

    I think i left a lead pencil in you class in exploritory wheel can you please cheek when you get to class it was my friends.Thank you.

  10. leslie rodriguez says:

    its green

  11. jennifer martinez says:

    Mr.Holm i am having trouble with the homework from tonights

  12. Anissya says:

    Hi Mr Holm my mom wants to know if I can retake my test on the rectangle? If I can when can I do this? Thanks

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