Use this page to chat with your friends. Please keep your posts on-topic at the other areas of the blog. You can post random off-topic stuff here.


  1. Be nice.
  2. Try and keep your posts longer than just a few words. Short posts eat up blog resources.

This page will be flushed out every so often to clear space.

18 Responses to Chat

  1. seema says:

    Hi maestro! How are you?

  2. Chris Holm says:

    Feeling well and healthy. Really tired though — working hard getting a new year started.

  3. seema says:

    Hi maestro.

  4. Chris Holm says:

    What school are you at, and how is it going? Any new friends?

  5. carmel says:

    hey about lunch can i bring you a sandwich?


  6. Rosa says:

    Hey Carmel how u doing I hope go what r u going to do Friday and saterday and the next day… If I can now what you are going to do those three days :)

  7. carmel says:

    i do not get the home work

    • Chris Holm says:

      Carmel, can you be specific about what you “don’t get?” Do you know how to find the area of a rectangle? Do you know how to find the facts and the question in a word problem? Do you know how to find the side of a rectangle if you have its area and the length of 1 side, using a 2-step linear equation (making a zero-pair first, then isolating the variable by dividing by the coefficient)?


    hi carmel

  9. jEnNiFeR mArTiNeZ says:

    Mr.Holm when are u going to post the pictures from photography.!

  10. Lucas May says:

    Hey maestro how have you been

    • says:

      Doing well Lucas. Getting ready to take Roosevelt to Yosemite in a couple of months. How are you doing???

  11. Lucas May says:

    hola todos mi nombre es lucas y 1 ano (no pudo hacer el parte ariba)atras fui a Adelante un escuela de immersion y el maestro o (Mr.Holm)era mi maestro en el sexto grado y ustedes son en el clase del mi maestro favorito de Adelante

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